Mental Fitness for Teenagers

About The Mindfulness Workout

The Mindfulness Workout

The Mindfulness Workout is a comprehensive, practical and fun guide to building emotional and mental fitness through mindfulness.

The conversational and information-packed style offers a teenage-friendly approach for talking to teenagers about how to manage their emotions, escape negative loops of self-criticism, build on their strengths and learn to like themselves no matter the pressures they face.

The book includes specific exercises for exam anxiety, social media, relationship stress, social anxiety, and handling peer pressure, and provides cases studies that show how teenagers have successfully adopted these practices in real life.

It is an ideal resource for teachers, mental health practitioners and anyone in the helping professions who works with teenagers.

The Mindfulness Workout is written in a clear, user-friendly format that will engage teenagers who are interested in learning how to use mindfulness to navigate the inevitable stresses they face.


The Author: Iseult White

Iseult started her career in Silicon Valley training Apple engineers in software design.  She founded a successful technology services company that led major organisational development programs at Fortune 100 companies and authored two successful technology books.

Years of helping people deal with the fast paced change required by new technology taught her how challenging new directions are for just about everybody.  On a mission to discover how to support people in adapting to challenging life circumstances she completed a Masters in psychotherapy.

She now works as a psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher while continuing to support business leaders and organisations with leadership and resilience.

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